Organizational Form

Sansoterra Group is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment advisor.

Part II of the Registration is available to clients or potential clients and further describes services, fees and experience.

The Group does not accept or hold client assets. Client assets are custodied with either a bank custody department or a broker-dealer custody department.

Trade instructions are sent to the custodian and the custodian executes, settles and reports to Sansoterra Group and the client, if desired.

On a regular basis, as desired by the client, a detailed report showing assets held, cost and market values, etc. is sent by the custodian directly to the client.

Sansoterra Group communicates changes and their reasoning to its clients, along with regular economic commentary and White Papers on various related topics.

Sansoterra Group is a discretionary advisor. This means that once a set of written goals and objectives are defined, Sansoterra Group makes changes as and when appropriate without further consultation. Interim contact, as the client requests, focused on the reason behind changes, the state of the economy and similar topics, also provides ongoing objectives review. Goals and objectives are also formally reviewed regularly.